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Beyond the Walls Grant - Opportunities to Learn

Beyond the Classroom

“Beyond the Walls” grants represent the vast array of projects that the Foundation supports each year. From underwriting the cost to transport students to the Illinois State capitol or sending award winning students to New York for recognition at Carnegie Hall, to investing in technology that enables students to learn from sources around the world, the Foundation exists to provide opportunities that otherwise would not be available. 


The program works like this:

Teachers submit a Beyond the Walls grant application to District administrators and to the BCEF (links are below). The application must demonstrate a strong curricular connection for the project, trip, or technology – and also show that the opportunity provides more than can be offered in the classroom setting.  Once approved, the project, trip, or technology must be completed within the current school calendar year.

Want to help?

If you would like to know more about the many Beyond the Walls projects, or would like to contribute in support, please contact the BCEF at

Beyond the Walls Grant Detail               Beyond the Walls Grant Application

A Great Place to Learn Grant

The goal of this grant is to provide:

  • High-quality learning opportunities for elementary children (pre K through 5th grade) in the Ball-Chatham School District

  • Innovative instructional materials that will enhance learning

  • Memorable educational experiences for elementary children through project materials, books, manipulatives, equipment, or other materials that teachers would otherwise not have available to them.


Procedures to apply:

  • Develop a plan which meets the criteria for the above goal. Attention should be focused on providing what would not be funded by the school district.

  • One grant up to $500 will be awarded each academic year to a teacher or a group of teachers.

  • Complete the application and submit a paper copy to the BCEF Director at the District Office or via email ( providing required signatures are included. 

  • Applications must be submitted by February 1st.

  • Grants will be reviewed by a BCEF Director, a teacher representative, and an administrator. The grant will be awarded by the first of March. 

  • Grants must be spent by the end of the current school year. Information will be provided for applicants to know how to proceed in spending their money. (i.e. purchase order, credit card)


This grant is funded by a donation that is to be invested so the interest will become the primary source of funds.  It is understood that a portion of the principle may be needed to fund the grant for any year the interest is not sufficient to fund the grant.  This grant will continue to be in effect until all the allotted funds are dispersed and/or the donating family requests a change in the goals and/or expenditures for this grant. 

A Great Place to Learn Grant Detail            A Great Place to Learn Grant Application

What I Need (WIN) Grant

The purpose of the WIN Grant is:

●     To provide for student support and enrichment activities.

●     To encourage innovative programs and initiatives.



  • Completed applications will be accepted for each school year, July 1 through June 30.

  • Only one approved application is allowed during each school year for each staff member.

  • All Ball-Chatham school district staff members may apply.

  • Each application is limited to $500 – this includes tax and shipping.

  • Grant funds are awarded as a reimbursement.  Proof of purchase must be provided to the BCEF Executive Director before reimbursement is made.

  • Items obtained through BCEF WIN grants stay in the District and are not to be taken by the teacher and/or staff member if he/she is no longer employed by the Ball-Chatham School District.



  • Complete the application and submit to the BCEF Director at the District Office or via email  Applications must be received by the Executive Director no later than the 10th of each month in order to be reviewed during the BCEF Board meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.  If the meeting occurs on or before the 10th of any month, applications will be reviewed at the next monthly BCEF Board meeting.

  • Applicants may be present at a BCEF meeting to provide additional information regarding the Grant request.  Please notify the BCEF Executive Director to make arrangements.

  • Applicants will be notified by the BCEF Executive Director of action taken on Grant applications after the BCEF meeting in which they are presented.

  • If your Grant is approved, please provide BCEF with an impact statement which describes how your Grant was used, what it provided for students, how many students were affected by the purchase, etc.  The impact statement may be provided electronically to or you may provide the BCEF Executive Director with a paper copy of this statement.

WIN Grant Detail & Application   (Click on link at left, then download application.  Application cannot be filled in electronically unless downloaded)

ECHO Musical Instrument Donation Program

Students who cannot afford to rent or purchase a band instrument now have the opportunity to participate in band through ECHO. This program puts reconditioned instruments into the hands of students who otherwise would not experience the joys and benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.


Please help us help us help all interested students experience the joy of music today! If you are interested in donating an instrument, or making a monetary donation to the program, contact the BCEF at, or Mr. Dennis Marcotte, GIS/GMS Band Director, at

ECHO Program Detail

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